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Insurable Interests

Vol. 15, Issue 9May 2020


Ways to Bolster Your Immune System

A strong immune can help keep you from getting sick – which might be particularly important these days. Here are some suggestions from experts for ways to boost your immune system:

Get enough sleep. Doctors are not exactly sure why, but not getting enough good sleeps makes you more vulnerable to illness. Try going to sleep and getting up at the same time every day. Keep your bedroom at a temperature that helps you sleep. Avoid screens right before bed. And check online for meditations or breathing exercises that might help you drift off.

Exercise. Regular, moderate exercise – 30 minutes or so a day – helps your body fight off illness. You don’t have to run marathons – a brisk walk every day will do the trick. Regular exercise also boosts your mood, and it helps you sleep better.

Eat well. Make sure to eat more vegetables and whole grains, and less sugar. Also, avoid dealing with your concerns by drinking alcohol to excess. This might be a good time to take advantage of your forced confinement and experiment with some healthy new recipes and cooking techniques.

Work on relieving stress. Stress weakens your body’s ability to fight disease – and who isn’t feeling more stress these days? Working out can help you deal with stress, as can just forcing yourself to slow down and breathe. You can try meditation; there are many good tutorials online. If you still feel your stress is out of control, see if you can schedule a virtual session with a counselor.

Reach out. Feeling isolated is bad for your immune system. Although you can’t be with people physically, reach out in other ways. Phone calls, video chats, emails and texts all can help you connect with other people. Many people report that they are rekindling relationships with long-ago friends and connecting more regularly with people.

Laugh. The saying goes that laughter is the best medicine, and there is truth to that. Laughing eases stress, and it helps you put your situation into perspective. Read a funny book or watch a funny movie. Call someone you know will make you laugh.

Get enough Vitamin D. Vitamin D helps boost your immune system. There are not many foods that provide Vitamin D, but you can get it from spending some time in the sun. You also can ask your doctor if you might benefit from a supplement.

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