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Insurable Interests

Vol. 14, Issue 10June 2019


Staying Safe During Stormy Weather

This spring has been an especially stormy one in much of the country, and it does not seem to be easing up much. The National Weather Service has some suggestions for what to do if you or your family are threatened by spring storms. Sign up to have any weather alerts sent to your phone. Plan as a family for what you would do if there were a severe weather event -- and for how you would contact each other if you were not together during the event.

Spring and summer severe weather includes:

Thunderstorms. You can help minimize danger from a storm by keeping trees on your property trimmed so that they don’t hang over your roof or power lines. If a storm is coming, get inside and away from windows. Put together an emergency kit with flashlights (and batteries) in case you lose power. Keep your cell phone charged. If you are driving and cannot get to a secure indoor spot, pull over. Don’t park or stand under a tree; the tree could fall on you, and being under a tree increases your chance of getting struck by lightning. Lightning kills an average of 47 people a year in the U.S. To stay safe, don’t be outside when it is lightning. Get to a secure building or, if that is not possible, get in your car.

Flooding. Storms can cause floodwaters to rise quickly, putting you in danger. Pay attention to warnings. If you are caught where there are rising waters, get out immediately. Don’t walk or drive through floodwaters; the water can knock you off your feet and even can carry away a car. You should never drive through standing water unless you are absolutely sure that the water is only a few inches deep. If your home has been damaged by floodwater, don’t go back until authorities give you the all-clear to do so.

Tornadoes. Identify the safest room in your house in case of a tornado. Choose an interior room in the lowest level of your house, away from windows. If there is a tornado warning, or if you see a tornado approaching, go to that room. If your house has no basement, go to an interior room such as a hallway or interior closet. Put on a bike or other safety helmet, and cover yourself with blankets, mattresses, pillows, etc. If you are in a mobile home, leave and seek shelter in a permanent structure.

Being prepared helps you and your family stay safe in a storm. At The Bensman Group, we believe that planning also can help safeguard you from other risks. We are happy to talk to you about your risk management or wealth management needs. You can contact us at 847-572-0828 or

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