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Insurable Interests

Vol. 9, Issue 6February 2014


Building Mental Toughness

People who have success in their careers and in their lives usually have the mental toughness to bounce back from adversity and to look for new ways to succeed. recently outlined 13 things that mentally tough people avoid. They do not:

Throw a pity party. They realize that feeling sorry for themselves is a waste of time. They understand that life is not always fair, and they are prepared to take responsibility for the outcome – good or bad. When things don’t work out, they try to determine what failed and then move on.

Give away power. As much as possible, mentally tough people avoid giving other people power to make them feel bad. They understand that they are in control of how they feel, no matter what others might do or say.

Avoid change. They embrace change, and they avoid stagnation. They are confident that they can deal with whatever comes along.

Worry about what they cannot control. Mentally tough people do not fret about things they can’t do anything about. They size up a situation, evaluate the obstacles and find ways to move ahead.

Worry about pleasing – or displeasing – people. They are not “yes men,” and they don’t always say what they think others want to hear. The treat others fairly and with respect, but they are not afraid to explain and defend their position, even if it is unpopular.

Fear risk. They are not reckless, but they are not afraid of calculated risk. If they believe that an idea can succeed despite the risks, they are not afraid to try.

Hang on to the past. They try to understand what happened in the past, but they don’t dwell on it. They don’t fret about things that went wrong or try to relive past successes. They are firmly pointed toward the future.

Repeat their mistakes. Mentally tough people take responsibility for their mistakes, look for ways to avoid making the same mistakes again, and move on.

Resent the success of others. They are able to be genuinely happy for those successes, even as they focus on achieving their own.

Quit when they fail. They learn from their failures, realizing that every failure brings them closer to success.

Mind being alone. While mentally tough people often are very outgoing and social, they also are comfortable with their own company. They enjoy some alone time, and often use it to think, plan or reenergize.

Feel the world owes them. They want to and are prepared to make their own way and achieve their own success.

Expect immediate results. They are patient, and they realize that it can take time to get the results they want, whether those results involve building a business, getting in shape or anything else. They are not easily discouraged, and they don’t give up.

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