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Insurable Interests

Vol. 13, Issue 3November 2017


Best Places to Retire Abroad

When considering retirement, it might pay to think outside the box – or, more correctly, outside the country. Forbes recently listed the 10 best places to retire abroad, based on information from Live and Invest Overseas. They are:

10. George Town, Malaysia (photo). Located west of the mainland of Malaysia, George Town is the capital of the island of Penang. Medical care is excellent, and monthly rents range from $300 for a small furnished apartment to $3,000 for a large villa with an ocean view. Penang is a top food destination. And if you need help finding a restaurant, you can ask a local, because most of them speak English.

9. San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. This art-loving community has been welcoming ex-pats for decades, and its people are known for embracing people from other countries. The cost of living can be as low as $1,500 a month for a couple. And if you want to expand your mind, at almost any time you can take a class in one of 20 to 30 different subjects.

8. Budapest, Hungary. For those not completely ready to leave city life behind, this Eastern European city brings a cosmopolitan feel. Already popular with millennials – many of whom are probably fans of George Ezra’s hit single, “Budapest” – the city is growing in popularity with retirees looking for lots of entertainment options.

7. Lisbon, Portugal. With regular flights from the U.S. east coast, Lisbon makes it easy to go back and forth. Monthly rent is about $770. And it has tons of Old World history and charm, as well as beaches.

6. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The second Malaysian city on this list, Kuala Lumpur is combination of exotic, affordable and comfortable. Monthly rent is roughly $560, and most locals speak good English. With a population of more than 7 million, it has an urban vibe. But a quick trip outside of the city gets you to the quieter life of surrounding rural villages.

5. Saint-Chinian, France. Picture yourself and your spouse enjoying a sunset glass of wine after a delicious meal. This lovely town in the Languedoc region of southern France is known for its wines. Although it is not quite as budget-friendly as some of the other cities on this list, a couple can live comfortably here for about $2,100 a month.

4. Abruzzo, Italy. Hitting the beaches in the summer and slopes in the winter would take a lot of traveling for most people. For retirees in Abruzzo, though, fun is at their doorstep in any season. And a couple can live here for roughly $1,400 a month – which is 30 percent to 70 percent less than Tuscany or Umbria.

3. Mazatlan, Mexico. This city on Mexico’s Pacific coast could be just the place to dig your toes in the sand. Mazatlan has 20 miles of beaches and world-class fishing. Dining is a pleasure, and the city has an international airport.

2. Valletta, Malta. Valletta is the capital of Malta, which is located below Sicily. It has a vibrant nightlife, and rent for a two-bedroom apartment starts at about $915 a month.

1. Algarve Region, Portugal. This area has just about everything, starting with exceptional health care and safety. It also offers 100 miles of Atlantic coastline and tons of recreational activities – including 42 golf courses – you can enjoy in the year-round sunshine. An unfurnished, two-bedroom apartment starts at about $720 a month, although real estate prices are starting to rise.

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