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Insurable Interests

Vol. 9, Issue 5January 2014


Watch Out For Black Ice

Winter driving can be hazardous, and one of the biggest dangers is black ice, which forms on roadways but is extremely difficult to see until you are on it. It tends to form at times and in places where the sun doesn't hit the road, so be especially careful early in the morning or at night, and on curves and bridges, especially in shaded spots.

If you hit black ice, don't slam on your brakes. Take your foot off the accelerator and hold the wheel steady. Usually black ice patches are relatively small, so your car should find traction soon. If it doesn't and you start to skid, react as with any other skid by pumping the brakes; if you have anti-lock brakes, you can hit the brakes and let the ABS system pump for you. If you can, steer toward areas that might offer more traction, such as snow-covered sections of the road. And if you go off the road, try to steer toward an open field or other area that will minimize the damage to you and to your car.

The best way to protect against black ice is to avoid driving during conditions or on roads where black ice is likely. If you are in an accident, move your car to safety if possible and take action to keep yourself safe. You can contact us about this or any other question at, or 847-572-0820.

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