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Insurable Interests

Vol. 1, Issue 12July 2006


Expect The Unexpected

By David Miller

As we all know, life is unpredictable. Quite often things do not go as planned, and every now and then we are thrown a real curveball. Through our years of experience, we come to realize that life is full of all sorts of surprises. As the saying goes, "Expect the unexpected."

The stories that follow are just a few examples of life’s unexpected events, and a reminder that ensuring that you and your family are protected is always a good idea.

The first story I’d like to share is about a landscaping company that I once insured. The landscaper arrived at the person’s house to do some extensive work on their yard. Trees were trimmed and cut down, bushes torn out and replaced, and a new patio installed in the back yard. They did great work; however, they were at the wrong address when they did it. The insurance company paid for the damage caused by the landscapers and restored the property to its prior condition.

Here's another. While cleaning her boat at a marina, an insured's $5,000 diamond bracelet - a gift to commemorate the birth of her child - fell off her wrist and into the water. Recognizing the item's sentimental value, the insurance company hired a professional diver, who successfully recovered the bracelet from the deep.

The next account also involves property damage, but of an entirely different sort. One of our clients had a claim involving his hearing aid. He had it scheduled on his policy, much like adding a diamond ring. His hearing aid was sitting on a table in his house when his daughter was visiting him. Somehow, she mistook the hearing aid for a peanut and popped it into her mouth. When she bit down on it, she broke her tooth and cracked the hearing aid. The insurance policy covered $1,800 for the hearing aid and the costs of repairing his daughter’s tooth.

A different client of ours recently had some remodeling work done to his home, and he was unhappy with the workmanship. One day he was chatting with his neighbor, and he took this opportunity to tell the neighbor about his dissatisfaction with the contractor. He also told the neighbor that he was going to tell “everyone he knew” about the bad work done by this contractor. Unfortunately, the neighbor was best friends with the contractor, who promptly sued the client for defamation of character. The insurance company responded by paying a five-figure amount to the contractor under the "personal injury" section of the client's liability insurance. Had the matter been more severe, the client's umbrella policy would have also been available to provide coverage.

At The Bensman Group, as premier risk managers, a theme we continue to emphasize with our clients is safety. We clearly feel that insuring risks is essential, as one simply never knows what the future holds. Perhaps a fugitive elephant will devastate your newly landscaped front yard, or your crazy uncle will swallow your new emerald pendant mistaking it for a piece of broccoli. You just never know!

All the best,

Dave Miller

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