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Insurable Interests

Vol. 9, Issue 8April 2014


Reduce Your Exposure to Pollen

If you suffer from allergies triggered by pollen, warm weather can bring a nightmare of red and itchy eyes, stuffy nose, headache and more. If your symptoms are significant, you should see an allergist to discuss whether you need allergy shots or medication. But you also can do some things to lessen your exposure to pollen. The website offers the following suggestions for avoiding pollen both inside and outside:


  • Monitor pollen counts in your area. There are multiple ways you can find out the pollen count, from online sites to your local newspaper. If very high levels of pollen are expected, try to minimize the time you spend outside.

  • Hot, windy days are often bad pollen days. On the other hand, pollen counts are often lower right after it rains.

  • Pollen counts usually are higher in the morning, so schedule your outdoor time for the afternoon or evening.

  • Keep the windows of your car rolled up when you are driving.

  • Get someone else to mow the lawn. If you must mow, wear an allergen-reducing mask and safety glasses or sunglasses; pollen also can enter your body through your eyes.

  • If you have been outside for long, especially if you have been working in the yard, take off your clothes and wash them as soon as you come inside.


  • Keep your windows closed; run your air conditioning if it is too warm.

  • Vacuum regularly, using a vacuum with a double bag or a HEPA filter.

  • Don’t dry clothes, especially sheets and pillowcases, on a line outdoors. Instead, use a washer and dryer.

  • Remove carpet and drapes, which can trap and hold pollen. Hardwood or tile floors and shutters and blinds are much better for allergy sufferers.

  • Take your shoes off right away when you come inside. If you must keep your shoes on, wipe them thoroughly on a mat or rug so that you don’t track pollen throughout your house.

    This article was created by Osmosis Digital Marketing for use with permission by The Bensman Group.


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