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Insurable Interests

Vol. 11, Issue 7March 2016


Drying Out Your Smartphone

It was in your pocket when you jumped in the pool. It’s suddenly submerged in a spilled drink on the table. Your child dropped it in the dog water. A soaked smartphone can happen to even the most careful among us. But when your precious smartphone takes an unexpected plunge, there’s still hope.

USA Today gives a breakdown of the most helpful dos and don’ts to resuscitate your wet phone.

Get it out ASAP. While this may seem obvious, it bears mentioning: Rescue your phone from the water right away. The less time your phone spends in contact with liquid, the better chance it has of making a full recovery.

Don’t turn it on. After retrieving it, avoid turning your phone on in a panicked desire to see if it still works. Any pressure on the keys could push liquid farther into your phone, creating more damage.

Power down. If your phone was not switched off when it took the plunge, turn it off immediately – although some experts note that if your phone happened to be in Airplane Mode, leaving it alone might be the best option because this avoids the brief waking up of the screen and operating system that is necessary for a full power off.

If you can remove it, do. Take out anything -- like SIM cards and SD cards -- that can be removed to dry on their own. If your battery is removable -- and it is not on the iPhone -- remove that too. Take off the cover. Airing out as many areas of the phone as possible will help.

Go after the water inside. Carefully examine all of your phone’s openings for water. Using a vacuum cleaner with small nozzle attachment or even a straw, try to suck out all the liquid you can from your phone’s ports and the charger area.

Don’t use heat. Don’t bust out the blow dryer or stick your phone in the oven or a microwave. Heat can melt your phone’s internal components.

Dry it on the inside with rice or silica. Bury your phone in a bowl of uncooked rice. The rice will wick away moisture trapped inside your phone. Or fill a Ziploc bag with silica packets (those tiny packets that say “do not eat” found inside new shoe boxes), drop your phone inside and seal it shut. Whatever method you choose, be patient; you’ll have to let your phone stay put for about three days to remove all the moisture.

Turn your phone back on. Time to cross your fingers and try to power it on. With any luck, it will come back to life.

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