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Insurable Interests

Vol. 14, Issue 5January 2019


How to Sell Your Home in Winter

The conventional wisdom is that winter usually is a bad time to try to sell your house. The weather is bad, it’s gloomy outside, people are traveling or celebrating the holidays. As a result, there are fewer homes on the market in winter.

And that is your advantage. People house-shopping in winter may be more motivated and have less to choose from. Here are some tips from the website about how to make your house appealing to winter buyers.

Consider having a warm fire, but only if you are certain that your fireplace or wood stove will burn without smoke or bad smells. A bright and cozy fire is appealing, but smoke and fumes will send buyers packing.

Clean the entryway. You don’t want prospective buyers to see boots and tracked-in dirt from snow. Keep coats, boots and other winter gear hidden, and do a quick wet mop before a showing.

Do something cozy in every room. Whether it is a pretty throw over the back of the chair or the smell of warm apple cider in the kitchen, you want every room to ooze coziness. Turning on as many lights as possible also helps chase away the winter gloom.

Showcase outdoor space. If you have outdoor space that you can use even when it is cold out, show how that would work. Turn on the lights, and consider a fire in an outdoor fireplace or fire pit.

Showcase indoor spaces. Do you have a play room in your lower level? A library? An indoor exercise room? A heated workshop? These and similar spaces are especially important during winter, when people spend more time indoors.

Point out entertaining potential. Winter is a popular time for entertaining, not just during the holidays but also during the cold, dark winter days and nights. Show off your entertaining space, whether it is a large dining room, a homey eat-in kitchen, or an open concept living space. Set the table, put out fresh flowers, maybe even light some candles.

Don’t forget about your garden. One advantage of selling in winter is that you don’t have to worry about your landscaping. But if you have nice garden space, you want buyers to know that. Consider urns or planters or other structures to remind buyers of what they will have when the snow melts.

Clear the snow. Potential buyers should be able to park easily, walk up to the front door, and also walk around the house without having to slog through the snow. Among other things, it suggests you are the kind of homeowner who takes care of a house.

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