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Insurable Interests

Vol. 9, Issue 1September 2013


Making Your Bedroom Sleep-Friendly

You know that getting enough sleep is important to feeling and looking your best, but still you toss and turn. Researchers from the National Sleep Foundation (NSF) have some suggestions for ways you can make your bedroom more sleep-friendly:

Keep your bedroom neat. The NSF found that people who tidy up their bedroom every day are more likely to get a good night’s sleep than those who sweep the clutter off their bed and fall in. Researchers suggest that a messy bedroom makes it more difficult to relax and drift off.

Sprinkle lavender on your sheets. A whopping 71 percent of people say they sleep better if they spray their sheets before bed with a fresh scent. Lavender is an excellent choice because it is a natural sleep-inducer, plus it smells lovely. Choose lavender alone or in combination with another scent, such as vanilla.

Get rid of the light. Any kind of light – from your alarm clock to the streetlights outside – can interfere with your production of melatonin, a hormone that promotes sleep. Avoid night lights, get room-darkening shades, and turn your clock away from you.

Keep it cool. Your body temperature naturally drops as you drop off to sleep, and if your room is too warm it can disrupt this process. Try turning down the thermostat when you turn in, and swap out heavy bedding for lighter sheets and blankets. Some people even use a room air conditioner in their bedroom.

Avoid electronics for at least an hour before bed. The light from your laptop or smartphone can interfere with your body’s production of brain chemicals that help you shut down and go to sleep. Plus, too much mental stimulation in general can make it harder for you to relax.

Splurge on comfortable bedding. Make sure you have a mattress that supports you without being too hard. Then add nice sheets with a high thread count that fit the mattress correctly so they don’t slide around. Find a pillow that provides the right kind and amount of support for the way you sleep. And finish with a blanket or comforter you can pull up to feel cozy. You don’t have to have $1,000 sheets like a rock star. But buy the best bedding you can afford.

After all, the better you sleep the healthier you are, the more effective you are during the day and the better you look.

This article was created by Osmosis Digital Marketing for use with permission by The Bensman Group.


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