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Insurable Interests

Vol. 6, Issue 8April 2011

Keep Coverage Information Up to Date
Even relatively small things that happen in your life can have an impact on your insurance coverage. READ MORE...

Pay Attention to Tech Etiquette
Technology etiquette breaches can make you look bad in front of your colleagues and your boss, and even can cost you your job. READ MORE...

A Look at the Happiest Employees
The nation's happiest employees are not necessarily those who make the most money, according to a recent study. In fact, there are lots of things that go into making an employee happy on the job. READ MORE...

Top Cities for Family Vacations
Looking for a vacation spot that kids will love, too? Here are seven great U.S. cities for a family vacation. READ MORE...

Understanding Your Flood Coverage

In spring, a homeowner's thoughts too often turn to flooding. Before you find your basement full of water, you should be clear about the coverage you have for water damage to your home. Insurers define flooding as "the intrusion of surface water from an external source," and your homeowner's insurance does not cover flooding. So, for example, if water from your yard flows in through your basement windows, you are not covered for the damage. Homeowner's policies also do not usually cover damage from water that seeps into your home from cracks in your foundation. For these kinds of coverage, you need flood insurance. However, policies usually do cover water damage from storm or sanitary sewers that back up through your drains.

If you end up with water in your basement this spring, or any time, we can help provide you with resources to determine the causes of your flooding and the names of reliable cleanup companies who can help you get things back to normal. We also can help you review your coverage options. Contact us at 847-572-0800 or

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