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Insurable Interests


Previous Issues

VOL. 15, ISSUE 10   •   JUNE, 2020
Consider Insurance Issues When Buying or Remodeling a Home
If you are shopping for a new home or considering a remodeling project, we can help you ensure that you have the right coverage. READ MORE...

Extra Tax Filing 2020

Extra Gap Year 2020

Extra Sunscreen 2020

Insurance Issues for Students Heading Off to School

VOL. 15, ISSUE 9   •   MAY, 2020
Call Us If You Have Damage to Your Roof
Don't file a claim for roof damage without talking to us first. READ MORE...

Extra Island Retirement 2020

Extra Spring Outdoor Chores 2020

Extra Boost Immune System 2020

You Might Get a Break on Your Car Insurance During Pandemic

VOL. 15, ISSUE 8   •   APRIL, 2020
COVID-19 Calls Attention to Cyber Dangers
As health concerns force more people online, it's time to take a look at handling your cyber risk. READ MORE...

Extra Working From Home 2020

Extra Redecorating 2020

Extra Handling Stress 2020

Plumbing Inspection Checklist for Spring

VOL. 2, ISSUE 2   •   MARCH, 2020
Bensman Offices Closed, But Services Still Available
Although our offices are closed, we remain ready to serve you. READ MORE...

VOL. 1, ISSUE 1   •   MARCH, 2020
Bensman's Response to the Coronavirus
An update on how The Bensman Group will continue to serve our clients during the coronavirus. READ MORE...

VOL. 15, ISSUE 7   •   MARCH, 2020
Protect Yourself Against Loss in Spring Storms
Spring storms will be here soon, and this is what you need to know to mitigate any losses. READ MORE...

Extra Best Places to Retire 2020


Extra Best Cities to Visit in 2020

Watch Out for Tax-Season Scams

VOL. 15, ISSUE 6   •   FEBRUARY, 2020
New Law Could Affect Retirement and Estate Plans
A law that took effect Jan. 1 could have an impact on retirement saving and estate planning. READ MORE...


Extra Wedding Costs 2020

Extra Warm Winter Vacations 2020

Protect Yourself From Coronavirus

VOL. 15, ISSUE 5   •   JANUARY, 2020
Someone You Should Know: Rosemarie Weinstein
Rosemarie Weinstein is The Bensman Group's new Managing Director/Individual Property and Casualty. READ MORE...

Extra Organizing Papers 2020

Extra Joint and Separate Accounts 2018

Extra Holiday Blues 2020

Be Prepared -- There is Still Plenty of Winter Ahead

VOL. 15, ISSUE 4   •   DECEMBER, 2019
Year-End Tax Move Decisions
It's time to think about investment moves you might want to make before the end of the tax year. READ MORE...

Extra Holiday Scams 2019


Extra Staying Well in Winter 2019

Brightening the Season for Those in Need

VOL. 15, ISSUE 3   •   NOVEMBER, 2019
Long-Term Care Insurance Protects You and Your Loved Ones
November is Long-Term Care Insurance Month, so let's look at this important coverage option. READ MORE...


Extra Saving on Groceries 2019

Extra Tips for Sleeping 2019

Use Caution to Avoid Holiday Fires

VOL. 15, ISSUE 2   •   OCTOBER, 2019
Prepare for Winter Before It Arrives
Remember last year's polar vortex? Well the Farmers' Almanac is predicting Round Two this winter. And the time to get ready for potential frigid temperatures and heavy snow is now. READ MORE...

Extra Holiday Spending 2109

Extra Smart Shopping Tips 2019

Extra Getting Kids Moving 2019

Avoid Liability Risk at Halloween

VOL. 15, ISSUE 1   •   SEPTEMBER, 2019
Life Insurance Settlement Can Offer Options If You No Longer Need or Want Your Life Policy
You might be able to sell a life insurance policy you no longer need. READ MORE...

Extra What to Buy and Not Buy Used 2019

Extra Fall Bargain Destinations 2019

Extra Medication Expiration Date 2019

Beware of Genetic Testing Medicare Scam

VOL. 14, ISSUE 12   •   AUGUST, 2019
New Coverages Protect Individuals Against Loss from Data Breaches
Carriers are introducing policies that can help you recover if your computer or online information is compromised. READ MORE...

Extra All-Inclusive Resorts 2019

Extra Fastest Growing High Paying Jobs 2019

Extra Helping Child Manage Not Making Team 2019

Call Before You Buy a Boat or Summer Home

VOL. 14, ISSUE 11   •   JULY, 2019
Call Us Before You File an Insurance Claim
If you are thinking about filing a claim on your property or liability insurance policy, give us a call first. READ MORE...

Extra Changing Retirement 2019

Extra Wedding Budget 2019

Extra Kids and Water Safety 2018

Insurance Answers for Your Child Going Away to School

VOL. 14, ISSUE 10   •   JUNE, 2019
Staying Safe During Stormy Weather
It's storm season in much of the country. Here is how to keep you and your family safe. READ MORE...

Extra Saving at Disney World 2019

Extra Affordable Retirement Overseas 2019

Extra Sunscreen 2019

Insure Jewelry As Soon As You Buy It

VOL. 14, ISSUE 9   •   MAY, 2019
May is the Month to Consider Your Disability Insurance Needs
Take time to think about what would happen if you could not work. READ MORE...

Extra Things That Hurt Home Value 2019

Extra Rideshares 2019

Extra Poison Ivy 2019

Be Prepared with List of Cleanup Services

VOL. 14, ISSUE 8   •   APRIL, 2019
Someone You Should Know: Kelly Wagner
Kelly Wagner helps clients make life insurance work for them. READ MORE...

Extra Hotels vs Vacation Rentals 2019

Extra Start Vegetable Garden 2019

Extra Spring Allergies 2019

Call Before You Take Summer Car Out of Storage

VOL. 14, ISSUE 7   •   MARCH, 2019
It's Time to Prepare for Spring Storms
Now is the time to make sure you are ready for spring weather. READ MORE...

Extra Medicare Supplement Insurance 2019

Extra Good Deals that Really Arent 2019

Extra Tips for Flying 2018

Don't Advertise Spring Break Trip on Social Media

VOL. 14, ISSUE 6   •   FEBRUARY, 2019
Save More for Retirement with the Right Company Programs and Savings Individuals Can Control
There are ways you can maximize your retirement savings while possibly reducing your tax payment. READ MORE...

Extra Online-Only Banks 2019

Extra Expenses That Are Worth It 2019

Extra Staying Healthy On A Cruise 2019

Be Aware of Tax Scams

VOL. 1, ISSUE 1   •   JANUARY, 2019
Precautions for the Cold Snap
The weather forecast for the next few days calls for potentially record-shattering cold. We at the Bensman Group are concerned about your well-being, so we have compiled a list of things to be aware of during the winter blast. READ MORE...

VOL. 14, ISSUE 5   •   JANUARY, 2019
Get Your Financial House in Order in the New Year
Remember your financial fitness as you start the new year. READ MORE...

Extra Selling Home in Winter 2019

Extra Budget Destinations 2019

Extra Jet Lag 2019

Taking a Winter Vacation? Take Care

VOL. 14, ISSUE 4   •   DECEMBER, 2018
Volunteering Can Help Make the Season Bright
Don't forget about the gift of time this season -- and year-round. READ MORE...

Extra Tipping Tips 2018

Extra Using Leftovers 2018

Extra Winter Driving Tips 2018

Not Shoveling Snow Can Land You in Trouble

VOL. 14, ISSUE 3   •   NOVEMBER, 2018
Recent Market Volatility Prompts a Look at the Bigger Picture
Market movement in October left some investors unsettled. It is important to look at some of the fundamentals. READ MORE...

Extra Holiday Budget 2018

Extra Identity Theft 2018

Extra Flu Season 2018

Wishing You a Happy Holiday Season

VOL. 14, ISSUE 2   •   OCTOBER, 2018
Avoid Liability for Halloween Accidents
Ghouls and goblins aren't the only scary things about Halloween. READ MORE...

Extra Fall Destinations 2018

Extra Fuel Efficiency 2018

Extra Likeable People 2018

Call When You Put Your Summer Car in Storage

VOL. 14, ISSUE 1   •   SEPTEMBER, 2018
Life Insurance in the Spotlight in September
Life insurance is critical to safeguarding the security of the people you love. READ MORE...

Extra Getting House Ready for Winter 2018

Extra American Moving Trends 2018

Extra When to Call 911 2018

Time to Schedule Furnace, Fireplace Check

VOL. 13, ISSUE 12   •   AUGUST, 2108
Study Up On Insurance For Your Student
Before your child leaves for college or boarding school, give us a call so we can make sure your insurance is in order. READ MORE...

Extra Hidden Travel Costs 2018

Extra Treasure Hunting at Yard Sales 2018

Extra Exercise in Heat 2018

New Medicare Cards Are On The Way

VOL. 13, ISSUE 11   •   JULY, 2018
Keep Your Home Safe While You Are Away
Use common sense to protect your home when you are gone. READ MORE...

Extra Getting Most from AC 2018

Extra Cheap Weekend Trips 2018

Extra Hints for Happiness 2018

Call Before You Buy a Summer Home, Boat

VOL. 13, ISSUE 10   •   JUNE, 2018
Look At Safety Systems When You Open Your Summer Home
As you open your summer home, consider some systems that could protect you better and maybe save you some money too. READ MORE...

Extra Baby Boomer Stuff 2018

Extra Successful People 2018

Extra Roller Coasters 2018

Time to Get Your Air Conditioning Serviced

VOL. 13, ISSUE 9   •   MAY, 2018
Give Us a Call Before You Buy, Build or Remodel
Make sure your insurance is appropriate if you are in the market for a new home or planning to build or remodel. READ MORE...

Extra Financial Spring Cleaning 2018

Extra Talking To Teens About Money 2018

Extra 10 Coolest Cities 2018

Social Security Site Lets You Do More Online

VOL. 13, ISSUE 8   •   APRIL, 2018
Insurance Can Help Protect Against Losses From Cyber Crime
The cost of losses from cyber crime can be staggering to a business. But there are ways to protect yourself. READ MORE...

Extra Garage Sale Tips 2018

Extra Travel With Kids 2018

Extra Dealing With Allergies 2018

Be Ready for Spring Storms

VOL. 13, ISSUE 7   •   MARCH, 2018
Be Ready for Spring Floods and Storms
Here are some ways to prepare for unpredictable spring weather. READ MORE...

Extra Talking to Parents about Money 2018

Extra Becoming a Landlord 2018

Extra Treating the Flu 2018

Call Before You Take Your Car Out of Storage

VOL. 13, ISSUE 6   •   FEBRUARY, 2018
Protect Yourself From Identity Theft
There are a number of things you can do to keep your identity safe online. READ MORE...

Extra Airline Fees 2018

Extra Destinations that Wont Break the Bank 2018

Extra Cold Weather Workouts 2018

Beware of IRS Scams

VOL. 13, ISSUE 5   •   JANUARY, 2018
Someone You Should Know: Jill Larsen
Jill Larsen uses her growing underwriting knowledge to benefit Bensman clients. READ MORE...

Extra Airbnb 2018

Extra When to Buy What 2018

Extra Winter Weather 2018

Take Time to Review Your Insurance Coverages

VOL. 13, ISSUE 4   •   DECEMBER, 2017
Year-End Investment Tax Decisions
It might pay to take a look at your investments in case there are tax-related moves you might need to make by year-end. READ MORE...

Extra Utility Scam 2017

Extra Help With Medical Bills 2017

Extra Vegetarian Diet 2017

Best Wishes for a Wonderful Holiday Season

VOL. 13, ISSUE 3   •   NOVEMBER, 2017
Long-Term Care Insurance Can Help Protect Your Assets, Independence
November is Long-Term Care Awareness Month, which makes it a good time to consider whether you and your loved ones need this kind of protection. READ MORE...

Extra Best Places to Retire Abroad 2017

Extra Pricing the Neighborhood 2017

Extra Holiday Safety for Kids 2017

Service Day Reminds Us of the Meaning of Holidays

VOL. 13, ISSUE 2   •   OCTOBER, 2017
Hurricanes Teach Important Lesson About Flood Coverage
Recent hurricanes are a reminder that homeowner's insurance usually does not cover losses from flooding. READ MORE...

Extra Things that turn off homebuyers 2017

Extra Tips For Starting a Business 2017

Extra Tai Chi 2017

Let Us Know If You Put Your Summer Car In Storage

VOL. 13, ISSUE 1   •   SEPTEMBER, 2017
The Types and Uses of Life Insurance
Here's a rundown of the basics for National Life Insurance Month. READ MORE...

Extra Fall Chores 2017

Extra Choosing a Credit Card 2017

Extra Fall Foliage 2017

Beware of Hurricane Harvey Scams

VOL. 12, ISSUE 12   •   AUGUST, 2017
Getting the Right Retirement Plan Helps Employers and Employees
A well-designed retirement plan can be a win-win. READ MORE...

Extra Saving Tips that Might Not Work 2017

Extra Networking Anxiety 2017

Extra Hot U.S. Cities to Visit 2017

Answers to Your Questions About Insurance and Students

VOL. 12, ISSUE 11   •   JULY, 2017
Founding Principles Guide Individual Property and Casualty Business
In helping clients with their personal insurance needs, we follow the same ideals that have guided The Bensman Group since the beginning. READ MORE...

Extra College Money Topics 2017

Extra Tips for Business Travelers 2017

Extra Sunscreen 2017

If You Have a Golf Cart, Give Us a Call

VOL. 12, ISSUE 10   •   JUNE, 2017
Someone You Should Know: Rob Terranova
If you are considering filing a claim, Personal Lines Claims Manager Rob Terranova will help you every step of the way. READ MORE...

Extra Home Inspection 2017

Extra Cost of Raising Child 2017

Extra Wedding Guest Etiquette 2017

Beware of Drive-By Roofers

VOL. 12, ISSUE 9   •   MAY, 2017
Disability Insurance Often the Forgotten Coverage
You have life insurance to protect the people you love if you die. But what if you are disabled and unable to work? READ MORE...

Extra Mortgage Rates 2017

Extra Travel Jobs 2017

Extra Kids and Sports 2017

Bensman Employees Help Bring Books to Kids

VOL. 12, ISSUE 8   •   APRIL, 2017
Planning for Spring Flooding
Spring rains can leave you with water in your house. The time to prepare is before you are bailing your basement. READ MORE...

Extra Bargain Destinations 2017

Extra Vegetable Garden 2017

Extra Spring Cleaning 2017

Bensman Offers Claims Emergency Hotline

VOL. 12, ISSUE 7   •   MARCH, 2017
Travel Insurance Can Save You Money and Hassle
If you are planning a major trip, it might pay to take a look at travel insurance. READ MORE...

Extra Tax Scams 2017

Extra Meal Prep Plans 2017

Extra Cleaning Mistakes 2015

Call Before You Take Your Convertible Out of Storage

VOL. 12, ISSUE 6   •   FEBRUARY, 2017
Protect Your Home From Water Damage
Water damage can be insidious and expensive. But you can help protect yourself against losses. READ MORE...

Extra Buying Jewelry 2017

Extra Habits of Productive People 2016

Extra US Destinations 2017

Call Before You Take Expensive Jewelry Home

VOL. 12, ISSUE 5   •   JANUARY, 2017
Avoid Winter-Related Claims
Cold weather brings some potential problems for your home. Here are some ways to avoid two of the most common. READ MORE...

Extra Saving on Heat 2017

Extra Keeping Resolutions 2017

Extra Winter Driving 2017

Take Time to Check Your Insurance

VOL. 12, ISSUE 4   •   DECEMBER, 2016
Year-End Planning for Your Portfolio
As the year draws to a close, take some time to look at your investment portfolio -- especially the tax considerations. READ MORE...

Extra Protect Your House on Vacation 2016

Extra Condo Pros and Cons 2016

Extra Steps to Happiness 2016

Happy New Year to All!

VOL. 12, ISSUE 3   •   NOVEMBER, 2016
Call Us If You Plan an Expensive Gift
Let us help you make sure your gift is protected even before you give it. READ MORE...

ExtraHliday Hosting 2016

Extra Worst States for Retirees 2016

Extra Holiday Stress 2016

Take the Time to Serve This Season

VOL. 12, ISSUE 2   •   OCTOBER, 2016
Avoid Halloween Frights
On the witching night of Halloween, take care to keep revelers safe -- and protect yourself from liability concerns. READ MORE...

Extra Fall Maintenance 2016

Extra Filing a Complaint 2016

Extra Fall Trips 2016

Time to Schedule a Furnace Check

VOL. 12, ISSUE 1   •   SEPTEMBER, 2016
Talk to Us If You Are Considering a Home Far Away
A house outside your area can present insurance issues you may be unaware of. We can help. READ MORE...

Extra Farmers Market 2016

Extra How to Avoid Wasting Food 2016

Extra Efficient Packing 2016

Call When You Put Your Convertible in Storage

VOL. 11, ISSUE 12   •   AUGUST, 2016
A Short Course on Insurance and School
As you get ready to take your child to college, don't forget about insurance. READ MORE...

Extra Shoulder Season Travel 2016

Extra What Not to Buy Your College Student 2016

Extra Encouraging Reading in Children 2016

Thinking About a Summer House?

VOL. 11, ISSUE 11   •   JULY, 2016
Do You Need Extra Coverage for a Rental Car?
There are some things you should consider before you decide what to do about supplemental coverage when you rent a car. READ MORE...

Extra Cheap Air Fares 2016

Extra Navigating Sellers Real Estate Market 2016

Extra Safe Boating 2016

Check Out Our LinkedIn Page

VOL. 11, ISSUE 10   •   JUNE, 2016
Call Before Buying, Building or Remodeling
Summer is peak home buying and construction season. If you are buying, building or remodeling, give us a call to update your insurance coverage. READ MORE...

Extra Trimming Landscaping Costs 2016

Extra Renting Car for Vacation 2016

Extra Top US Destinations 2016

Insurance for Your College Student, Graduate

VOL. 11, ISSUE 9   •   MAY, 2016
'Snapchat' Crash Shows Dangers of Distracted Driving
The news offers new reminder of the importance of paying attention behind the wheel. READ MORE...

Extra Home Fixes 2016

Extra FAFSA Issues 2016

Extra Spring Storms 2016

Beware Door-to-Door Roofers

VOL. 11, ISSUE 8   •   APRIL, 2016
Many Vehicles Have Unaddressed Safety Recalls
A sobering number of people ignore safety recalls on their vehicles, thus endangering themselves and other drivers. READ MORE...

Extra Spring Chores 2016

Extra Best Time to Buy Expensive Items

Extra Spring Allergies 2016

Call Before You Take the Ragtop on the Road

VOL. 11, ISSUE 7   •   MARCH, 2016
Bensman Volunteers Help Feed Starving Children
Bensman's volunteer Outreach Program reaches children around the world. READ MORE...

Extra Drying Out Your Smartphone 2016

Extra Being Happy in Retirement 2016

Extra Brain Health 2016

You Need Florida Insurance to Register Car in Florida

VOL. 11, ISSUE 6   •   FEBRUARY, 2016
Don't Forget Umbrella When Thinking About Coverage Needs
As your life changes, so might your need for umbrella insurance coverage. READ MORE...

Extra Value Destinations 2016

Extra Scams 2016

Extra Moisturizers 2016

ACE-Chubb Deal Complete

VOL. 11, ISSUE 5   •   JANUARY, 2016
Why You Need Uninsured, Underinsured Motorist Coverage
Uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage provide protection when other drivers do not. READ MORE...

Extra Credit Card Chip 2015

Extra Saving on Wedding Costs 2014

Extra Historical Trips for Kids

Keeping Your Resolutions

VOL. 11, ISSUE 4   •   DECEMBER, 2015
'Tis the Season for Giving
Amid all the hustle and bustle of shopping and parties, it can be a good thing to take some time to help others. READ MORE...

Extra Year-End Financial List 2015

Extra Guidelines for Holiday Tipping

Extra Workout Tips

Illinois Not Sending Vehicle Registration Renewal Reminders

VOL. 11, ISSUE 2   •   NOVEMBER, 2015
Reaching Out to the Next Generation
Kristen Savage's new professional designation is helping her serve a new generation of clients. READ MORE...

Extra Ways to Sabotage Financial Success

Extra Saving Money in the Kitchen 2015

Extra Amazing Family Vacations 2015

Call Us to Insure Expensive Holiday Gifts

VOL. 11, ISSUE 1   •   OCTOBER, 2015
If You Are First on the Scene of a Car Accident
You drive around a bend in the road, and you see that a car accident has just happened. You are the first on the scene. What do you do? READ MORE...

Extra Retirement for the Rich 2015

Extra Best Things to Sell at Garage Sales 2015

Extra Halloween Safety

Let Us Know When You Put Your Summer Car in Storage

VOL. 10, ISSUE 12   •   SEPTEMBER, 2015
Consider Market Correction in Historical Perspective
The market has been on a roller coaster ride recently. But it is important to put this movement into historical perspective. READ MORE...

Extra Fall Chores 2015

Extra DIY Halloween Costumes

Extra Back to School 2015

Titling Property Into a Trust or LLC

VOL. 10, ISSUE 11   •   AUGUST, 2015
Getaround, Like Other Car-Sharing Apps, Poses Insurance Issues
Getaround, which lets drivers rent their private cars for a fee, has many of the same insurance issues as apps like Uber and Lyft. READ MORE...

Extra Best Colleges for the Money 2015

Extra Curb Appeal Mistakes 2015

Extra Weekend Destinations 2015

Insurance for Your Student

VOL. 10, ISSUE 10   •   JULY, 2015
What Does the ACE-Chubb Deal Mean for You?
You probably have heard that ACE Limited has agreed to buy The Chubb Corp. But what does that mean for you? READ MORE...

Extra Worst Retirement States 2015

Extra Conserving Water 2015

Extra Treating Sunburn 2014

So You Want to Buy a Boat...

VOL. 10, ISSUE 10   •   JUNE, 2015
Someone You Should Know: Jill Larsen
As Underwriting Manager-Life Department, Jill Larsen helps people get the life, disability and long-term care insurance they need. READ MORE...

Extra AC Tips 2015

Extra Everyday Saving Tips 2015

Extra Teen Drivers 2015

Call Us for Information on Cleanup, Other Services

VOL. 10, ISSUE 9   •   MAY, 2015
How to Choose a Storage Facility
What do you need to know when choosing a place to store your belongings temporarily? READ MORE...

Extra Best Places to Retire Early 2015

Extra Used Baby Gear 2015

Extra Meditation and the Brain 2014

Keep Us Updated on Your College Student

VOL. 10, ISSUE 8   •   APRIL, 2015
Taking Precautions Can Help Minimize Water Damage
There are steps large and small that you can take to help protect against losses from water. READ MORE...

Extra Financial Issues Before Marriage 2015

Extra Home Warranty 2015

Extra 10 US Spots to Visit 2015

Call Before You Get Out Your Summer Car

VOL. 10, ISSUE 7   •   MARCH, 2015
Insuring Your Home in the Sunshine State
There can be multiple hurdles to getting homeowner's coverage in Florida. READ MORE...

Extra Shredding 2014

Extra Overlooked Retirement Spots 2015

Extra Decluttering

Beware of IRS-Related Scams

VOL. 10, ISSUE 6   •   FEBRUARY, 2015
A Variety of Factors Can Affect Your Car Insurance Premium
You know your car insurance premium is affected by your deductible and by your driving record. But that's not all insurers look at when setting your rate. READ MORE...

Extra Home Renovations that Add Value 2015

Extra Best Places to Retire Abroad 2015

Extra Travel to Cuba 2015

Make Sure You Have Coverage for Valentine's Gifts

VOL. 10, ISSUE 5   •   JANUARY, 2015
No Place to Hide
A recent experience made it clear how much everyone's life is an open book. READ MORE...

Extra Financial Resolutions 2015

Extra Working from Home 2014

Extra Starting a Book Club 2014

Arctic Blast Calls for Added Protections

VOL. 10, ISSUE 4   •   DECEMBER, 2014
Avoiding Common Holiday Dangers
Protecting yourself against some common risks can help you keep your holidays merry and bright. READ MORE...

Extra Help with Downsizing 2014

Extra Bargain Destinations 2015

Extra Cold and Flu 2014

Best Wishes for a Wonderful New Year!

VOL. 10, ISSUE 3   •   NOVEMBER, 2014
Year-End Tax Planning for Investments
As you review your investment portfolio, take a look at your tax picture. READ MORE...

Extra Holiday Spending 2014

Extra Travel Insurance 2014

Extra Holiday Eating 2014

A Special Holiday Tradition

VOL. 10, ISSUE 2   •   OCTOBER, 2014
Life Insurance for a Child
Buying life insurance for your child or grandchild is not so much about the death benefit as it is about providing a life benefit as the child becomes an adult. READ MORE...

Extra Buying Generic

Extra Job Burnout

Extra Cutting Portion Size

Call When You Put Away the Ragtop

VOL. 10, ISSUE 1   •   SEPTEMBER, 2014
Prepare Your Home for Winter
Winter is coming, so now is the time to make sure your house is ready. READ MORE...

Extra Prepaying Loans

Extra Fall Yard Work

Extra Poison Ivy

Check Out Our New Website

VOL. 9, ISSUE 12   •   AUGUST, 2014
Hurricane Season Highlights Florida Coverage Issues
As hurricane season heats up in Florida, we remind you to let us know in plenty of time if you are considering buying a house in the Sunshine State. READ MORE...

Extra Best Retiree States 2014

Extra Cost of Dog Ownership 2014

Extra Lightning Safety

Insurance And Your College Student

VOL. 9, ISSUE 11   •   JULY, 2014
Understanding How Carriers Set Your Premium
Insurance carriers use a variety of factors -- including your driving record, your credit report and your claims history -- to set your auto insurance premium. READ MORE...

Extra House Bidding War 2014

Extra Saving on Cooling 2014

Extra Top Thrill Rides 2014

Practice Safe Boating

VOL. 9, ISSUE 10   •   JUNE, 2014
Call Us With Car Insurance Questions
Car insurance is not always straightforward. If you are wondering how your insurance works in a certain situation, just give us a call. READ MORE...

Extra Saving on Summer Vacation 2014

Extra Cutting Your Meat Budget 2014

Extra Science of Happiness 2014

Let Us Know Early When You Are Buying a New House

VOL. 9, ISSUE 9   •   MAY, 2014
Life Insurance and Estate Planning
Life insurance can add to the value of your estate, but it also can help with a variety of estate-planning needs. READ MORE...

Extra Balancing Caregiving and Work

Extra Thrift Store Tips

Extra Youth Sports 2014

Call Us Before You Take Out Your Convertible

VOL. 9, ISSUE 8   •   APRIL, 2014
Let Us Know About Your Remodeling Plans
It's spring, and many a homeowner's thoughts turn to remodeling projects. Before you start, though, give us a call. READ MORE...

Extra Best Value Colleges 2014

Extra Growing Your Own Vegetables

Extra Avoiding Pollen

Beware of Tax Time Email Scams

VOL. 9, ISSUE 7   •   MARCH, 2014
Fixed Annuities: An Alternative to Bank Certificates of Deposit
Fixed annuities are both like and unlike more-familiar bank CDs. READ MORE...

Extra Spring Flooding

Extra Bargain Destinations 2014

Extra Foods that Sound Healthy But Arent

Watch Out for Damage from Ice Dams

VOL. 9, ISSUE 6   •   FEBRUARY, 2014
Your Car in Winter
Your car needs special care to survive the frigid temperatures and snow that much of the nation is experiencing this winter. READ MORE...

Extra Credit Card Hack

Extra Mental Toughness

Extra Winter Power Foods

Heat Your Home Safely in Frigid Weather

VOL. 9, ISSUE 5   •   JANUARY, 2014
Resolve to Check Your Beneficiaries
The start of the new year is a good time to check the beneficiary designations on your life insurance coverage and retirement savings. READ MORE...

Extra Staging Your House for Less

Extra Retiring on 30 Grand 2014

Extra Winter Power Outages

Watch Out For Black Ice

VOL. 9, ISSUE 4   •   DECEMBER, 2013
The True Meaning of the Season
Our annual visit to the Northern Illinois Food Bank provides a reminder of what the holidays are all about. READ MORE...

Extra Energy Savings

Extra Tax-Unfriendly States for Retirees

Extra Tourist Traps to Avoid

Holiday Wishes from Us to You

VOL. 9, ISSUE 3   •   NOVEMBER, 2013
The 'Life Insurance Settlement Process:' Should I Consider this Option?
The answer depends on your particular circumstances. READ MORE...

Extra Holiday Spending 2013

Extra Bargain Destinations

Extra Holiday Pet Safety

Don't Overlook Insurance for Gifts

VOL. 9, ISSUE 2   •   OCTOBER, 2013
The Most Common Oversights in Personal Planning
In the midst of a busy life, it is easy to overlook some details of your personal plan. But the consequences can be serious. READ MORE...

Extra Obamacare Scams

Extra Layaway

Extra Halloween Safety 2013

Putting Away Your Convertible

VOL. 9, ISSUE 1   •   SEPTEMBER, 2013
Insurance Concerns for Fall
Fall is a season of transitions. And as you unearth your snow shovel and service your leaf blower, there are a few insurance issues you should consider too. READ MORE...

Extra House Sharing

Extra Free US Attractions 2013

Extra Sleep-Friendly Bedroom

Amy Meyer Earns CIC

VOL. 8, ISSUE 12   •   AUGUST, 2013
Help With Implementing Obamacare
Employers face many challenges under the new health care law. At The Bensman Group, we can help. READ MORE...

Extra Job Satisfaction and Health

Extra Garage Sale NoNos

Extra Top U.S. Destinations 2013

Let Us Know Before You Start Home Remodeling

VOL. 8, ISSUE 11   •   JULY, 2013
Pitfalls on the Path to Financial Security
It is important to avoid some common missteps as you build a path to your financial goals. READ MORE...

Extra Shopping at Farmers Market

Extra House Hunting Traps

Extra Summer Food Safety

Should You Get Insurance With Your Rental Car?

VOL. 8, ISSUE 10   •   JUNE, 2013
Coverage for Your Second Home
If you are buying a second home or a vacation home, don't forget to line up the proper insurance coverage. READ MORE...

Extra Helping Your AC

Extra Vacation Homes

Extra Sunscreen Use

Protecting Your College Graduate

VOL. 8, ISSUE 9   •   MAY, 2013
Is Telematics the Future of Car Insurance?
Telematics -- the on-board computers that provide information on your driving habits -- may be changing the face of insurance. READ MORE...

Extra Spring Car Care

Extra Selling on Craigslist

Extra Boating Safety

Bensman Employees Provide Books for Kids

VOL. 8, ISSUE 8   •   APRIL, 2013
Insurers Becoming More Restrictive on Roof Replacements
Getting a replacement roof because of storm damage might be tougher than you think. READ MORE...

Extra Tax Refund

Extra Hotel Savings

Extra Choosing Annuals

Time to Check Your Sump Pump

VOL. 8, ISSUE 7   •   MARCH, 2013
Someone You Should Know: Ron Miller
Ron Miller joins Bensman to help employers with their employee benefits needs. READ MORE...

Extra Simple Financial Steps

Extra Buy One Give One

Extra Secrets to Happiness

Getting Ready for the Ragtop

VOL. 8, ISSUE 6   •   FEBRUARY, 2013
New Job, Same Friendly Face
Catrina Wickman moves into a new position in Client Services with the Individual Property and Casualty Division. READ MORE...

Extra Saving on Entertainment

Extra Job Search Mistakes

Extra Top Places to Visit in 2013

Clear Off that Snow and Ice

VOL. 8, ISSUE 5   •   JANUARY, 2013
Sam Is Driving
As my older son starts driver's ed, I have new insight into the challenges of having a young driver. READ MORE...

Extra Budgeting 2013

Extra Saving on Heat

Extra Dressing for Winter

Remember to Check Your Beneficiaries

VOL. 8, ISSUE 4   •   DECEMBER, 2012
Stay Safe This Season
The holidays are happy times with family and friends. Follow some simple tips to stay safe while you are celebrating. READ MORE...

Extra Winter Car Maintenance

Extra Warehouse Club

Extra Tips from Travel Experts

Happy Holidays!

VOL. 8, ISSUE 3   •   NOVEMBER, 2012
The Meaning of the Season
For the fourth consecutive year, employees of The Bensman Group have kicked off the holiday season by volunteering at the Northern Illinois Food Bank. READ MORE...

11.12 Flood Insurance

Extra Holiday Tipping

Extra Must-See Islands

A Few Autumn Reminders

VOL. 8, ISSUE 2   •   OCTOBER, 2012
Commercial Insurance Market Tightens
The commercial insurance market's cycle is changing to a time of high premiums and more restrictive coverage. READ MORE...

Extra Holiday Shopping Savings

Extra Hiring a Contractor

Extra Flu Shots

Bensman Adds New Carrier to Expand Client Options

VOL. 8, ISSUE 1   •   SEPTEMBER, 2012
Look Out for Con Artists if You Have Property Loss
Beware of scammers who might try to take advantage of you if you have a property loss. READ MORE...

Extra Encore Careers

Extra Fall Travel 2012

Extra Backpacks

VOL. 7, ISSUE 12   •   AUGUST, 2012
Insurance Unlikely to Cover Cyber-Bullying
If your children -- or you -- bully or stalk someone online or by text message and that person sues, your insurance probably won't cover any losses. READ MORE...

Extra Car Repair

Extra Phone Scams

Extra Feeling Younger

Insurance and Your College Student

VOL. 7, ISSUE 11   •   JULY, 2012
Choose Right Firm for Disaster Cleanup
If disaster strikes, experts can help you put your home and your life back together. READ MORE...

Extra Credit Score

Extra Workplace Distractions

Extra Summer Entertaining

Tips on Boating Safety

VOL. 7, ISSUE 10   •   JUNE, 2012
Insurance for Your Vacation
Taking care of a few insurance issues can make your summer vacation even more relaxing. READ MORE...

Extra Home Improvement

Extra Saving Money on Vacation Food

Extra Summer Driving Tips

Speeding in Illinois Will Cost You

VOL. 7, ISSUE 9   •   MAY, 2012
Putting the Family in Family Office
A family office is about more than managing wealth; it is about preserving the values of a family. READ MORE...

Extra Unnecessary Medical Tests

Extra House Hunting

Extra Bike Safety

Getting Coverage for a Boat

VOL. 7, ISSUE 8   •   APRIL, 2012
College Grads and Car Insurance
When your children go out on their own, you need to understand whether they really are independent when it comes to their car insurance. READ MORE...

Extra Retirement Survey

Extra Teaching Kids to Save

Extra Time Management Tips

Make the Most of Your Refund

VOL. 7, ISSUE 7   •   MARCH, 2012
Life Insurance and Charitable Giving
Using life insurance to make a charitable gift can benefit both the charity and the giver. READ MORE...

Extra Monthly Bargain Guide

Extra Personal Trainer

Extra Best Time of Day

Ready for the Ragtop?

VOL. 7, ISSUE 6   •   FEBRUARY, 2012
Homeowner's Rates on the Rise
A combination of steep weather-related losses and poor investment performance is driving up homeowner's premiums in 2012. READ MORE...

Extra Finding a Job After 50

Extra Engagement Ring

Extra Winter Exercise

Get a Head Start on Your Tax Filing

VOL. 7, ISSUE 5   •   JANUARY, 2012
Group Offers Help to Veterans
We would like to introduce you to an organization that is doing important work with injured veterans. READ MORE...

1.12 Resolutions

Extra Overlooked Retirement Towns

Extra Grandbaby Care

It's Time to File Your FAFSA

VOL. 7, ISSUE 4   •   DECEMBER, 2011
Important Year-End Concerns
We know you have plenty of things to do this month. But don't forget to take care of a few year-end financial issues. READ MORE...

Extra Saving Money at Disney

Extra Cloud Computing

Extra Avoiding Cold and Flu

Kicking off the Season

VOL. 7, ISSUE 3   •   NOVEMBER, 2011
Keep an Eye on the Thanksgiving Turkey
All the cooking on Thanksgiving can result in more than a feast. In fact, making the turkey and trimmings is a major cause of house fires. READ MORE...

11.11Holiday Internet Scams

Extra Retiree Towns

Extra Winter Driving

The Meaning of the Season

VOL. 7, ISSUE 2   •   OCTOBER, 2011
Someone You Should Know: Ed Kollada
Ed Kollada works with clients on all aspects of their retirement plans. READ MORE...

10.11 Holiday Expectations

Extra Preparing Home for Winter

Extra Grandparenting

Some Autumn Chores

VOL. 7, ISSUE 1   •   SEPTEMBER, 2011
Lessons from Nature's Fury
In the wake of a rash of natural disasters, it is important to understand some things about your coverage. READ MORE...

9.11 Email Mistakes

Extra Cost of Kids


It's Time to Keep Learning

VOL. 6, ISSUE 12   •   AUGUST, 2011
Preparing for a Flood
Crazy weather this summer has made it clear: The best time to prepare for a flood is before it happens. READ MORE...


8.11 Remodeling for Aging

8.11 Beaches

College Insurance Questions

VOL. 6, ISSUE 11   •   JULY, 2011
Someone You Should Know: Kristen Savage
From time to time, we have a special feature called "Someone You Should Know," which introduces you to the people who work at The Bensman Group. In this issue, we profile Kristen Savage, Risk Management Advisor. READ MORE...

7.11 Farmers Markets

7.11 AC Tips

7.11 Summer Exercise

Boating Safety Tips

VOL. 6, ISSUE 10   •   JUNE, 2011
Young People Need Life Insurance Too
You may think that buying life insurance is something you don't have to concern yourself with until you get married, have a baby or start earning a lot of money. But there are many important reasons to buy life insurance before you reach any of these milestones. READ MORE...

6.11 Job Interview Tips

6.11 Mistakes Teaching Kids About Money

6.11 Top Baby Names

Check on Vacation Rentals

VOL. 6, ISSUE 9   •   MAY, 2011
Protect Yourself From Household Employees
Household help can make your life easier. But it pays to take care to protect yourself against possible theft. READ MORE...

5.11 Energy Tax Credits

5.11 Cheap Colleges

5.11 Family Mission Statement

Insurance and Your College Graduate

VOL. 6, ISSUE 8   •   APRIL, 2011
Keep Coverage Information Up to Date
Even relatively small things that happen in your life can have an impact on your insurance coverage. READ MORE...

4.11 Tech Etiquette

4.11 Happiest Employees

4.11 Vacations with kids

Understanding Your Flood Coverage

VOL. 6, ISSUE 7   •   MARCH, 2011
Protection Against the Weather
You can buy insurance to protect your big event from weather-related problems. READ MORE...

3.11 Estate Sales

3.11 Places to Retire Overseas

3.11 Learning Disability

Before You Take Out the Ragtop...

VOL. 6, ISSUE 6   •   FEBRUARY, 2011
Itemized or Blanket Coverage for Jewelry?
If you have valuable jewelry, your homeowner's policy alone probably does not offer sufficient protection. READ MORE...

2.11 Tax Refund

2.11 Places to Buy a House

2.11 Trouble Abroad

Let Us Know About Mortgage Changes

VOL. 6, ISSUE 5   •   JANUARY, 2011
Celebrating 35 Years in Business
This month, The Bensman Group marks the 35th anniversary of the beginning of our business. It is a milestone that we never could have reached without the support of our employees, clients, friends, and strategic alliances. READ MORE...

1.11 Year in Review

1.11 Home Improvement

1.11 Winter Skin

Keeping Your New Year's Resolutions

VOL. 6, ISSUE 4   •   DECEMBER, 2010
Some Holiday Cautions
The holidays are supposed to be a time of great celebration and joy. But there are some things you should do to help ensure that your holidays stay happy. READ MORE...

12.10 Bank

12.10 Free Stuff

12.10 Tech Warning

Getting in Shape

VOL. 6, ISSUE 3   •   NOVEMBER, 2010
Starting the Holidays Off Right
For the second year in a row, employees of The Bensman Group volunteered at the Northern Illinois Food Bank facility in Park City, Ill. READ MORE...

11.10 Holiday Spending

11.10 Fair Trade

11.10 Fantasy Baseball

Time for a Furnace Check

VOL. 6, ISSUE 2   •   OCTOBER, 2010
To Plan or Not to Plan, That is the Question
Uncertainty caused by Congress' lack of action on the estate tax and the federal gift tax rate raises lots of questions. But there are some answers. READ MORE...

10.10 Working Moms

10.10 Extended Warranties

10.10 Fall Foliage

Cycling for Sinai

VOL. 6, ISSUE 1   •   SEPTEMBER, 2010
Be Careful to Avoid Dog-Bite Claims
Man's best friend can become your worst enemy if you find yourself on the wrong end of a dog-bite claim. READ MORE...

9.10 Car Rental

9.10 Low Unemployment

9.10 College Transition

Run for a Good Cause

VOL. 5, ISSUE 12   •   AUGUST, 2010
Should You Raise Your Homeowners Deductible?
If you are thinking about raising your deductible in order to lower your homeowners insurance premium, there are some things you should consider. READ MORE...

8.10 Retirement

8.10 Passport

8.10 Live to be 100

Insurance for Your College Kid

VOL. 5, ISSUE 11   •   JULY, 2010
Someone You Should Know: Amy Meyer
From time to time, we have a special feature called "Someone You Should Know," which introduces you to the people who work at The Bensman Group. In this issue, we profile Amy Meyer, Personal Lines Manager. READ MORE...

7.10 Oil Use

7.10 CSA

7.10 Napping

Call Before You Rent a Facility

VOL. 5, ISSUE 10   •   JUNE, 2010
The State of the Economy and Its Impact on You: A Risk Management Perspective
In times like these, when there is so much uncertainty, it's important to focus on the things we can control and take care of the people who rely on us. READ MORE...

6.10 Best Cities

6.10 Using Credit Abroad

6.10 Sunscreen

Boat Coverage Takes a Little Time

VOL. 5, ISSUE 9   •   MAY, 2010
Buyer Beware of Foreclosed Homes
If you are considering buying a home out of foreclosure, there are some things you should know before you move ahead. READ MORE...

5.10 Printer Fonts

5.10 SummerVacation

5.10 Animal Babies

Insurance and Your College Graduate

VOL. 5, ISSUE 8   •   APRIL, 2010
Healthcare: We're All in this Together
Now that the dust has settled, it's time to take a look at what we know -- and what we don't know -- about the new healthcare reform law. READ MORE...

4.10 Green Credits

4.10 Home Staging

4.10 Talk to Your Doctor

Flood Insurance Reminder

VOL. 5, ISSUE 7   •   MARCH, 2010
Understand Your Obligations for Household Employees
If you have household employees, such as a nanny or a housekeeper, you also have tax and other obligations for that employee. If you don't meet those obligations, you could end up in hot water with the IRS. READ MORE...

3.10 Credit card changes

3.10 Toyota

3.10 Top Dogs

Check the Coverage on Your Rag Top

VOL. 5, ISSUE 6   •   JANUARY, 2010
Someone You Should Know: Barb Hill
As Senior Account Manager for Employee Benefits, Barb Hill answers questions, negotiates with insurers and, most importantly, builds relationships with clients. READ MORE...

2.10 Haiti

2.10 Weddings

2.10 Healthiest States

It's Illegal--and Stupid--to Text and Drive

VOL. 5, ISSUE 5   •   JANUARY, 2010
Don't Put Off Planning Your Estate
Even if you don't think you have an estate plan, you do. The problem is that it is the state, and not you, that decides how to distribute your estate unless you act. READ MORE...

1.10 Census

1.10 Retirement Options

1.10 Meditation

Time to Check Your Beneficiaries

VOL. 5, ISSUE 4   •   DECEMBER, 2009
Finding the Real Holiday Spirit
In early December, about 25 employees of The Bensman Group volunteered at the Northern Illinois Food Bank. READ MORE...

12.09 Taking a Breath

12.09 Year-End

12.09 Holiday tipping

Let Us Know if Your Mortgage is Sold

VOL. 5, ISSUE 3   •   NOVEMBER, 2009
Check the Coverage on Fine Wines
If you have a collection of fine wines, make sure that you have the right kind of coverage to protect your investment. READ MORE...

11.09 Saving on Health Care

11.09 Wine

11.09 Whole Grains

A Time for Giving Thanks

VOL. 5, ISSUE 2   •   OCTOBER, 2009
Someone You Should Know: Jill Johnson
Earlier this year, we announced a special feature called "Someone You Should Know," which introduces you to the people who work at The Bensman Group. In this issue, we profile Jill Johnson, Underwriting Manager. READ MORE...

10.09 Networking

10.09 Grandpa

10.09 Swine Flu

Is It Time to Put Your Car in Storage?

VOL. 5, ISSUE 1   •   SEPTEMBER, 2009
The True Value of Your Insurance
The experience of a Bensman client in the wake of last fall's flooding shows the true value of insurance coverage. READ MORE...

9.09 Trusts

9.09 Best Places

9.09 Stimulate your Brain

It's Time to Check Your Furnace

VOL. 4, ISSUE 12   •   AUGUST, 2009
Give Us Your Thoughts on "Insurable Interests"
We at The Bensman Group would like to know what you think about our electronic newsletter. READ MORE...

8.09 Millionaires

8.09 Brainstorming

8.09 College

College and Insurance

VOL. 4, ISSUE 11   •   JULY, 2009
Risk Management on the Home Front
You know that companies practice risk management, to address losses before they happen. You can practice risk management at home, too. READ MORE...

7.09 Air Fares

7.09 Diamonds

7.09 Cancer Deaths

Risks of the Dog Days of Summer

VOL. 4, ISSUE 10   •   JUNE, 2009
Watch Out for Insurance Scam
You may be tempted to file an insurance claim for damages that did not really happen. But that's not only unethical, and possibly illegal; it also ultimately could raise your rates. READ MORE...

6.09 Recession Bargains

6.09 Stay-cation

6.09 Disaster Planning

Check Your Watercraft Coverage

VOL. 4, ISSUE 9   •   MAY, 2009
Rising Risk from Uninsured Motorists
Rising unemployment is resulting in an increase in uninsured and under-insured motorists. READ MORE...

5.09 Best Companies for Older Workers

5.09 Vegetable Garden

5.09 Back Yard Birds

Summer Can Change Insurance Needs for Students

VOL. 4, ISSUE 8   •   APRIL, 2009
Finding Coverage in the Sunshine State
Recent events have made it harder than ever to buy property insurance in Florida. READ MORE...

4.09 Online Money Sites

4.09 Choosing a Home Safe

4.09 Summer Camp

Looking Toward the Future

VOL. 4, ISSUE 7   •   MARCH, 2009
Frank Talk About Texting and Driving
This is a good time to talk to your teens about the dangers of texting and driving. READ MORE...

3.09 Working from Home

3.09 Things that are cheaper

3.09 Roller Coasters

Time to Get Out the Ragtop?

VOL. 4, ISSUE 6   •   FEBRUARY, 2009
Do You Have a Personal Recovery Plan?
You should have a plan for your financial recovery from these uncertain economic times. READ MORE...

2-09 RMD

2.09 Best Places

2.09 Probiotics

Most Expensive Colleges

VOL. 4, ISSUE 5   •   JANUARY, 2009
Someone You Should Know: Rob Terranova
In addition to working with his own property/casualty clients, Rob Terranova helps all Bensman Group clients with their claims and home appraisals. READ MORE...

1-09 Role of the executor2

1-09 Pet Insurance2

1-09 Happiness2

Start the New Year Off Right

VOL. 4, ISSUE 4   •   DECEMBER, 2008
Homeowner Insurance Rates
There are reasons why the drop in the housing market has not caused a drop in homeowner insurance premiums. READ MORE...

Dec. Online Banking

Dec. Saving Money at the Supermarket

DEc. Seasonal Affective Disorder

VOL. 4, ISSUE 3   •   NOVEMBER, 2008
A Look at Pay-As-You-Drive Coverage
Pay-as-you-drive auto insurance could save money, but it also could bring less privacy. READ MORE...

November 08 Holiday Spending

Nov 08 Green Cleaning

November 08 Dealing with Market Stress

It's Time to Count Our Blessings

VOL. 4, ISSUE 2   •   OCTOBER, 2008
Insurance Solutions to Market Turmoil
Using life insurance as an asset class can help investors diversify their assets during financial crisis. READ MORE...

BBF Dealing With Job Burnout

BBF Saving on Car Repair

BBL Mall Madness

Observe Fire Safety Month

VOL. 4, ISSUE 1   •   SEPTEMBER, 2008
Looking Back -- And Forward
This is my five-year anniversary with Bensman Risk Management. A lot has changed during those years. But a lot also has remained the same, especially our continued commitment to serve our clients. READ MORE...

BBF Working at Home

BBF Making Allowances

BBL Women and Weights

VOL. 3, ISSUE 12   •   AUGUST, 2008
A Crash Course in Insurance and the College Student
As your child gets ready to head off to college, there are a few insurance issues you should add to your to-do list. READ MORE...

GF 2008 Retirement Confidence Survey

BBF Car Sharing

BBL Timeshares Disaster or Delight

There's Still Time to Check Your Air Conditioner

VOL. 3, ISSUE 11   •   JULY, 2008
Keep Long-Term Focus During Market Downturn
In unsettling times like these in the market, it is especially important to keep your focus on your long-term goals. READ MORE...

GF When You Need an Appraisal

BBF Join the Club

BBL Teens and Eating Right

Don't Overlook Disability Coverage

VOL. 3, ISSUE 10   •   JUNE, 2008
A Good Time to Check Your Umbrella Coverage
While you are enjoying some summertime fun, don't forget to check the limits of your excess liability, or umbrella, coverage. READ MORE...

GF The Role of the Fed

BBF Best Places to Start a Business

BBL Showing Your Green Thumb

Understanding Flood Coverage

VOL. 3, ISSUE 9   •   MAY, 2008
Home Remodeling and Your Insurance Coverage
Your insurer needs to know when you start a home remodeling project, so that your coverage can keep up with your improvements. READ MORE...

GF Internet Fraud at All-Time High

BBF Second Acts

BBL Martial Arts

Some Springtime Reminders

VOL. 3, ISSUE 8   •   APRIL, 2008
Experiencing a Claim Teaches Important Lessons
I have helped lots of my clients handle claims with their insurance companies. But when I experienced a claim of my own, I found out I had several things still to learn. READ MORE...

GF Gas Guzzling or Sipping

BBF On the Cheap

BBL 28 Places to See

Be Careful When Hiring Household Help

VOL. 3, ISSUE 7   •   MARCH, 2008
Protect Against Liability for Identity Theft
The Bensman Group can help business owners get the protection they need against liability related to theft of client information. READ MORE...

GF Saving Energy And Money

BBF Tighter Credit Looms for Everyone

BBL Trading School for Travel

Keeping an Eye on Your Kids

VOL. 3, ISSUE 6   •   FEBRUARY, 2008
Bensman Increases Commercial Insurance Depth
We are very pleased and proud to announce that Timothy S. Maurer has joined the Bensman Risk Management Team. READ MORE...

GF Understanding Market Volatility

BBF Summer Jobs for Teens

BBL Hosting Older Visitors

Tax Loss Harvesting

VOL. 3, ISSUE 5   •   JANUARY, 2008
Take Time to Check Beneficiary Forms
When you purchase a life insurance policy or open a retirement plan, you name a beneficiary -- the person who will get the money when you die. It is important that you review that beneficiary decision periodically, to make sure you are still protecting the people you love. READ MORE...

Checking Your Allocation

BBF The Value of Volunteering

BBL Keeping the Magic in the Magic Kingdom

The Season for Frozen Pipes

VOL. 3, ISSUE 4   •   DECEMBER, 2007
New Rules for Young Drivers
The State of Illinois has new rules designed to better prepare young people for driving. The rules take effect Jan. 1, 2008, and they apply to 15-year-olds getting their learner's permit as well as to recently licensed young drivers. READ MORE...

GF Budget to Save

BBF Smaller Homes

BBL Off-Season Travel

VOL. 3, ISSUE 3   •   NOVEMBER, 2007
Long-Term Disability Insurance Helps Protect Your Assets
Whether you are an employer or an employee, disability insurance can be an important tool in adding financial protection. READ MORE...

GF Keeping to a Holiday Budget

BBF Managing Windfalls

BBL The Power of Gratitude

Happy Thanksgiving From Our Family to Yours

VOL. 3, ISSUE 2   •   OCTOBER, 2007
New Auto Insurance Rating System
A new auto rating system, called predictive modeling, considers many factors to arrive at a rate that is designed to more accurately reflect your risk. READ MORE...

GF Charitable Giving

BBF Teens and Credit

BBL Understanding Organic Food

Get Ready for Winter

VOL. 3, ISSUE 1   •   SEPTEMBER, 2007
Serving the Whole Client
The holistic, integrated team approach of The Bensman Group helps our clients create a team of professional advisers who can provide the answers they need in several important aspects of their lives. READ MORE...

GF Taking Inventory

BBF Think Globally Buy Locally

BBL Your Role in Your Childs College Choice

Save on Insurance When You Store Your Car

VOL. 2, ISSUE 12   •   AUGUST, 2007
Consider a Group Approach to Umbrella Coverage
Anyone with assets to protect should consider excess liability, or "umbrella," coverage, and the more assets you have, the more coverage you may need. However, very high limits -- over $10 million -- can be very costly. A group policy may be able to protect a firm's top executives at a lower cost and with better terms. READ MORE...

GF Do Extended Warranties Make Sense

BBL Hot Wheels

BBL Fighting Memory Loss

Protecting the Tailgate

VOL. 2, ISSUE 11   •   JULY, 2007
Update from Bensman Risk Management
It's hard to believe that half of the year is officially gone already. It used to be that you got used to the New Year when you stopped writing the prior year in your checkbook. READ MORE...

BBF Disability Insurance

BBL Home Away from Home

BBL Retiring Abroad

Managing Premiums

VOL. 2, ISSUE 10   •   JUNE, 2007
The Final Step: Distribution of Assets
In earlier issues of Insurable Interests, professionals with The Bensman Group have talked about the first two steps in creating a strong financial framework for your life: protecting the assets you have, and accumulating more assets. The final step is distributing those assets as part of your estate. READ MORE...

BBF Building Trust

BBL Cervical Cancer Vaccine

BBL Good Sports

Premium Credit for Your Children!

VOL. 2, ISSUE 9   •   MAY, 2007
Protect and Then Accumulate
At The Bensman Group we want to be your strategic alliance for life. Our organization is positioned to help you protect, accumulate and distribute your assets. In an effort to continue to bring you timely and helpful information, Insurable Interests will begin bringing messages from other key professionals in our firm like myself. READ MORE...

BBF 10 Tips for Showing Your Home

BBL Balancing Work and Home

BBL Power Foods

VOL. 2, ISSUE 8   •   APRIL, 2007
What You May NOT Know About Insuring a Home Remodel
Please let us know if you are planning to do any home remodeling or renovations. While your homeowner's insurance policy includes special replacement-cost provisions for homes under construction or renovation, it is critical that... READ MORE...

BBF Protecting Your Travel Plans

BBF Age-Restricted Housing

BBL Spa Vacations

College Students Home for the Summer?

VOL. 2, ISSUE 7   •   MARCH, 2007
Your Financial "Spring Cleaning"
It's spring, the traditional time for brushing off the cobwebs and cleaning the winter grime. Spring cleaning also should extend to your financial house. READ MORE...

BBF Finding Long-Term Care

BBL Luxury Vacation Clubs

BBL Reading Food Labels

VOL. 2, ISSUE 6   •   FEBRUARY, 2007
Bling! Now's A Good Time To Size Up Risk Exposures
If you gave or received a gift of jewelry for Valentine's Day, now is the time to protect your "bling." Jewelry valued at $1,000 or more may need to be scheduled as a new item on your homeowner's insurance policy. But don't assume that's all you should address. READ MORE...

BBF Doing Good with Your Money

BBL Luxury Travel to Exotic Places

RL Exercise Your Way to Better Mental Health

Protect Your Home From Frozen Pipes

VOL. 2, ISSUE 5   •   JANUARY, 2007
First Time Drivers and Your Insurance Premiums
Like death and taxes, an increase in your auto insurance premium is inevitable when an inexperienced driver is behind the wheel. READ MORE...

GF Balancing Your Budget

BBL The Bums Rush Restaurant Style

BBL Will Your Marriage Survive Retirement

VOL. 2, ISSUE 4   •   DECEMBER, 2006
Dave's Top Ten
As 2006 comes to a close, DO NOT head into 2007 with gaps in your auto, homeowners or personal umbrella liability insurance coverage. READ MORE...

GF Where There is a Will There is a Way

BBF Get a Regular Financial Checkup

BBL Boomerang Kids

Jewelry Gift Giving

VOL. 1, ISSUE 7   •   NOVEMBER, 2006
A New Look at Gratitude
Sometimes, November can seem like the grayest and most dismal month of the year. The days are short; we get up in the dark and come home in the dark. Isn't it curious that this dark, damp, and dreary time of year is the time we are most reminded to be thankful? READ MORE...

BBF At Risk for Retirement

BBL Retiring to College Towns

BBL Heart Disease and Women

Vacation Home Coverage in the Off Season

VOL. 1, ISSUE 6   •   OCTOBER, 2006
Don't Fall Behind This Season
It's time to face it. Summer is officially over, and fall is upon us. The days are getting shorter, the school year is in full swing, and the holidays are right around the corner. Aside from getting an extra hour of sleep, falling back can be challenging. READ MORE...

BBF Mapping Your Goals

BBL Green housing

BBF Career Coaches

Winter Storage

VOL. 2, ISSUE 1   •   SEPTEMBER, 2006
Reduce Your Risk of Identity Theft
Identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in the United States. For those of us that use credit cards routinely, we are potential victims of credit card fraud. Read on to learn more about how you can take the necessary steps to reduce the risk and impact of identity theft happening to you. READ MORE...

GF Buy or Lease Depends on How You Drive

BBF You Cant Take It With You

BBL Helicopter Parents

Sept 06 Monthly Reminder

VOL. 1, ISSUE 12   •   JULY, 2006
Expect The Unexpected
As we all know, life is unpredictable. Quite often things do not go as planned, and every now and then we are thrown a real curveball. Through our years of experience, we come to realize that life is full of all sorts of surprises. As the saying goes, "Expect the unexpected." READ MORE...

GF Umbrella Insurance

BBF Working Longer

BBL Baseball Tours

Premium Credit for Your Children!

VOL. 1, ISSUE 11   •   JUNE, 2006
Summer Travel Planning
As we head into the summer months and people are planning their vacations, a common question we are asked is whether or not one should purchase the insurance offered by the rental car company. READ MORE...

GF The Magic of Compounding

BBF Kids and Money

BBL Snooze Tips

VOL. 1, ISSUE 10   •   MAY, 2006
Extending Our Services
One of the great traditions of The Bensman Group is collaborating with people that we truly enjoy working with; READ MORE...

BBF The Non-Profit Option

GF Hybrid Cars

BBL Vacation Programs for Kids

VOL. 1, ISSUE 9   •   APRIL, 2006
Safety First
At The Bensman Group a theme we continue to emphasize with our clients is safety. As premier risk managers, we clearly feel that taking steps to reduce risk by taking reasonable safety precautions is as important as insuring risks. The story that follows illustrates this. READ MORE...

GF Understanding Your Credit Score

BBL Group Vacations with Friends

BBL Par for the Course

Taking Your Car Out of Storage

VOL. 1, ISSUE 8   •   FEBRUARY, 2006
Significant Insurance Updates for Early 2006
Last month, I briefly described some of the insurance changes that will be affecting homeowners. But changes have also been occurring over the last several years affecting life insurance contract holders. How will these affect our clients? READ MORE...

BBF Its Never Too Early to Be Prepared

BBL Being an Ecotourist

BBL Medical Testing What is Really Necessary

VOL. 1, ISSUE 7   •   DECEMBER, 2005
Looking Forward to 2006
As we head into 2006, it's a time to reflect back on the year's successes. It is also a time to look ahead to 2006 and anticipate what the future holds. READ MORE...

GF More Join Millionaire Ranks

BBL Piling on the Best Fruits and Veggies

BBL Fantasy Islands

The Effects of an Active Hurricane Season

VOL. 1, ISSUE 6   •   NOVEMBER, 2005
Key Principles to Wealth Management
At The Bensman Group we strive to conduct our business on the basis of sound principles. These principles serve to guide us in defining our relationship with you and how we deliver our services. READ MORE...

BBF Long-Term Care Insurance

BBL The Ethical Will

BBL Exercise Your Way to Better Mental Health

Vacation Home Coverage in the Off Season

VOL. 1, ISSUE 5   •   OCTOBER, 2005
Managing The Risk of Natural Disasters
With two major hurricanes hitting the Gulf Coast in the span of one month, natural disasters of this magnitude may cause those of us who haven't been directly affected to pause and ask, "Could this happen to me? What if it did?" READ MORE...

GF Katrina Internet Scams

BBL Living a Cancer-Prevention Lifestyle

BBL Making Peace with Age

Time To Store Your Summer Car?

VOL. 1, ISSUE 4   •   SEPTEMBER, 2005
Knowledge is Power
As I am writing this, I have just completed my Certified Insurance Counselor exam which will provide me with the designation of Certified Risk Manager (CRM). The CRM designation reflects how much we value expertise at our firm. READ MORE...

BBF Beneficiary Update

BBL Role Reversal

BBL Taking the Tour

Insurance Coverage For Your Children Away at College

VOL. 1, ISSUE 3   •   AUGUST, 2005
Managing Premiums
Did you know that an easy way to reduce your home insurance premium is to increase your policy deductible? Now home insurance carriers can make it worth your while to do so. READ MORE...

BBF Beneficiary Update

BBL If the Shoe Fits...

BBL You Are What You Eat

Protect Yourself Against Water Damage

VOL. 1, ISSUE 2   •   JULY, 2005
Cornerstone Relationships
At The Bensman Group, we value deep client relationships. As one of your trusted advocates, we strive to be a "cornerstone" advisor that comprises the foundation of your financial picture. READ MORE...

GF Identity Theft

BBL Volunteer Vacations

BBL Cruisin

Premium Credit for Your Children!

VOL. 1, ISSUE 1   •   JUNE, 2005
Welcome to Insurable Interests!
Welcome to Insurable Interests, the new electronic newsletter that comes directly to your email each month. READ MORE...

BBF Advance Directives

BBF When Loans Are All in the Family

BBL All Stressed Out and Nowhere to Go

It's Ragtop Weather!

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